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about us

After being told he needed a new AC system, which he couldn't afford at the time, Pete informed the AC company that he would call them back after getting a second opinion. Taking matters into his own hands, he removed a panel on his AC unit and discovered a burned wire at the compressor. This experience inspired him to start a business based on integrity and good service. Pete believes that customers should have the option to choose between repair and replacement if repair is feasible and cost-effective. This is how Advanced Environmental Air Technology, Inc. was born.

Environmentally Friendly

At Advanced Environmental Air Technology, we are dedicated to preserving our planet. We provide equipment options that are free of R-22 refrigerant, which contains chlorine known to deplete the Earth's ozone layer. 

Smart Controls

We offer control solutions that enable homeowners to optimize their comfort and manage air conditioning equipment using their smartphone or tablet.

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