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payment/financing options


You can pay your for the service(s) in cash after the technician is complete. You will still receive the invoice through email or request to get it mailed to your mailing address.


*No fee will be applied

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You can write a check for the invoice(s) and mail it to our office. Pease keep in mind that it may take a few days for the payment to arrive. 

*No fee will be applied

Credit/ Debit Card

You can pay for the invoice(s) through the payment link found in the invoice or you can call the ofice to pay with your credit/debit card*.

*Your card information will not be stored and will only be used for a one-time payment. A card fee will apply.

Enerbank Financing
12 Month 0% Interest Loan

Our customers are taking advantage of our NO INTEREST payment option for 12 months, a great way to invest in home improvement with 0% Interest.

*Must be approved
*Must be a $1,000.00 Minimum

5 Years Low Monthly Payments

Our lowest monthly payments with an APR of 5.99%! Our customers often save more in energy costs than the amount of the monthly payment, especially in the summer!

*Must be approved
*Must be a $3,500.00 Minimum

And More!

The previous loans are just a few of our financing options, with varying terms and low interest rates. Contact an AEAT Rep. to discuss our financing options and choose the best plan for you!

*Financing Fee may apply

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