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Our EZ Maintenance Plan is designed to help residential and commercial customers save on maintenance costs. As an EZ Maintenance Plan member, you can enjoy the following benefits!

2 Full System Tune-ups
  • Spring Maintenance: AC is serviced

  • Fall Maintenance: Heater is serviced


*To learn more about what a maintenance consist of, please fill out the form below or contact our office. 

10-20% Discount On All Parts & Materials

The EZ Maintenance Plan covers only the cost of regular maintenance. However, if during maintenance, we find that your unit requires any repairs or replacements, we offer a 10% to 20% discount on any necessary parts or materials​

Priority Call

​When dipatching service calls, you will be considered a priority and come first on the list.


*Please refer to our EZ Maintenance Plan Reminder Schedule to see what factors might affect scheduling  

No Service Call Fee (Residential Only)

This plan waives the $50 service call fee when scheduling an appointment. 

*This only applies to residential customers​

Maintenance Reminders

Our office will reach out to remind you to schedule maintenance in advance prior to the busy season via email, text or a phone call.

The price
differs based on
the number of
units you own

*Speak to an AEAT Rep. for pricing info.

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