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Preventative Maintenance

In Houston, we can all expect a few hot days in the summer. As homeowners, we want to keep our families comfortable without excessive spending on energy. A common problem for homeowners is the build up of debris between the coils on the outside condensing units, usually from cutting the grass. This increases pressure within your system, ultimately causing high energy bills and decreasing the efficiency of your system.

Ask about our E-Z Plan Maintenance Program Today!

Service & Repair

We service all makes and models. Remember! If you hear abnormally loud noises or notice a water spot on your ceiling, shut down your system immediately and call a professional before the system causes additional damage. Our professional technicians are constantly trained with the latest diagnostic tools & technology to ensure that they make the correct diagnosis the first time. Our company was founded on honesty and integrity and we take pride in the repairs we make for our customers.

Our technicians will respect your home and always keep a clean work space.


What sets Advanced apart from other companies is that our Installers are not hired sub-contractors that simply perform the installation and leave. Our Installers are required to make the warranty calls and adjustments anytime that system has an issue during the warranty period. We understand that the installation process is integral for the longevity of HVAC equipment. A proper installation can be the difference between a system that runs efficiently for 15 years with maintenance and a system that lasts 7 years and has multiple break downs.

If you want to know more about what makes our installations so advanced, we would love to have the opportunity to to discuss the various ways our installations are better than competitor's.

Drain Blow

Houston's humidity levels can be problematic for your HVAC system. When your system is pulling water out of the air for extended periods of time, the primary drain can get clogged, causing water damage to your ceiling and anything below your system. To effectively prevent clogged drains, we purge the line with nitrogen (See Purge Valve*) and leave a dissolving tablet that can help flush any build up.

Ask about our Float Switch, a device that detects when your system is not draining properly and shuts it down before it causes any damage!

Inspection Reports

We offer professional inspection reports that home owners or home buyers can use to get a professional analysis of the components of your HVAC system. The life expectancy of your system is an important price factor in the housing market. We will gladly take care of any repairs that are warranted and will transfer our 1-year labor warranties free of additional charge.

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