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Heater & AC Repair

We service all makes and models. Our technicians are constantly trained with the latest diagnostic tools & technology to ensure that they make the correct diagnosis the first time. Our company was founded on honesty and integrity and we take pride in the repairs we make for our customers.  

Remember! If you hear abnormally loud noises or notice a water spot on your ceiling, shut down your system immediately and call us before the system causes additional damage.

AC & Heater Maintenance

It is essential to schedule maintenance for your units to ensure their proper functioning. One of the common issues faced by homeowners is the accumulation of debris between the coils on the outside condensing units, usually due to grass cutting. This leads to increased pressure within the system, resulting in high energy bills and decreased efficiency. Neglecting maintenance can cause significant problems over time, leading to deterioration of the unit's efficiency. Our job is to complete maintenance on your units twice a year to avoid these issues. 

Heater & AC Install

We are capable of installing all types of HVAC systems, ranging from 14 seer to higher. We understand that a well-executed installation can make all the difference between a system that runs smoothly for many years with regular maintenance and one that breaks down frequently and has a shorter lifespan. Our installers are required to make warranty calls and adjustments whenever the system experiences any issue during the warranty period. 

If you're interested in learning more about how Advanced Env Air Tech's installation process sets us apart from our competitors, please let us know when you fill out the form located at the bottom of the page.

Ductless Mini Split
Install & Repair

Mini-splits are an excellent option for homeowners who want to save space. They are highly efficient, and with just one mini split hanging outside on the wall, you can have up to three different temperatures in that space. They are preferred for their versatility and futuristic design. At the moment, we install mini splits from the following brands: Goodman/Daikin, Gree, and Mitsubishi. However, you can speak to an Advanced Env Air Tech representative to inquire whether we can install the brand of your liking or for more information regarding mini splits.

Duct Cleaning, Install, Replacement & Repair

Keeping your ducts clean and sanitized is essential for maintaining good air quality in your home. Dirty ducts can lead to breathing in harmful particles. Neglecting to clean your ducts can also cause damage, which can lead to reduced airflow and moisture buildup, resulting in mold growth. It is important to have your ducts cleaned and maintained every five years* to ensure optimal airflow and a healthy living environment. We clean your ducts with a roto brush to pull out any dust buildup. You can request a technician to inspect your ducts and diagnose their condition.


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